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Bilenky Cycle Works offerings from Tandems East


Where both the Captain and Stoker have a great view!

Includes 15 color choices from the DuPont Imron chart.

Complete bike as pictured $7,600

Frame only $4,400
Parts Kit $3,300

Optional hand crank system
Call for Price

Available with S&S couplers. Will fit into 2 S&S suitcases. $9,290

The Viewpoint:
A unique semi-recumbent tandem. An independent drivetrain for the stoker and captain allows for different skill levels. With the stoker’s head significantly lower than the captain’s, both riders get a great view of the road. It has a small front wheel for tight turns and the most comfortable stoker position imaginable. We can modify and customize the stoker position for children, special-needs riders, hand cranks and more.

This unique tandem can be adapted for handicapped cyclists who have great desire to ride a bike either with hand or foot cranks.

The front position is quite comfortable and allows both riders a great view . . . thus the name Viewpoint.

Bilenky Viewpoint from Tandems East

Bilenky Viewpoint closeup
Parts Kit $3,300
Frame only $4,400

Bilenky Viewpoint from Tandems East

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