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Calfee Tandems From Tandems East

We would like to thank Craig Calfee and his crew for all the great bikes they made for us over the years but at this point in our business we have decided to go with a different full carbon tandem. We have complete Calfee Tandems and several Calfee framesets which we will be closing out for 2020. Call us for sizes and prices. We will continue to support and service all the bikes we have sold to our valued customers.
For anyone interested in a Pro Carbon Tandem see Land Shark page by clicking logo below.
Land Shark
Calfee Design offerings from Tandems East Calfee Design customizes the Tetra Tandem bicycles to meet each rider's specific needs. Company founder Craig Calfee and his team work to assure that every specification matches the requirements of a particular tandem team. The Calfee name guarantees top quality, durability and superb craftsmanship using high technology materials. This specialized process of custom designing a Tandem means that a variety of factors are considered in the construction of each bike:
• Frame built to accommodate weight of team
• Custom Geometry tailored to fit the team
• Optional 28mm tire clearance, 35mm front derailleur clamp
• Your choice of rear axle spacing
• Choice of rack mounts, water bottle number and location
• Custom paint with up to two fades or the stealth "nude" finish
(saves 3oz. to create one of the World's Lightest Tandems!)
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The Calfee Tetra carbon fiber tandem is a most extraordinary bicycle. Not only is it light and responsive but it is a great ride to boot! With a frame weight around 8 pounds, the Tetra Tandem weighs in as one of the world's lightest tandems!
Calfee Tetra carbon fiber tandem from Tandems East 
Tetra Tandem frame only. Fork and paint not included. Full carbon.$6,000
Paint starting at $600
Tetra Frame with Couplers $8,790
The Dragonfly takes an extra step above the Tetra in lightness and performance, with a frame weight of only 7 lbs. it’s the Ferrari of tandems.
Calfee Dragonfly Tandem from Tandems East 
DRAGONFLY TANDEM (super light) Frame only. Fork and paint not included. $8,100
Paint starting at $600

Dragonfly Frame with Couplers $10,990
This is not just a cool bike. It is appropriate for everyday use and for racing. The vibration damping is a performance advantage on longer rides. Each frame is built to order and every frame is a unique. Tubes are selected for the weight of the rider. The geometry of the frame can be any of our usual geometries: Pro, Tri or Cross. Custom frames can also be made. Mountain Bike frames are now available with $500.00 upcharge.

Details: The bike is made from Bamboo that has been smoked and heat treated to prevent splitting. Lugs are made of hemp fiber, for the all-natural look. The chainstays are available in carbon fiber for extra stiffness in the drivetrain.
Finish: We coat the bamboo with a satin polyurethane to seal it up.
Awards: Calfee Bamboo bikes have won awards for Best Road Bike, Best Off-Road Bike and Peoples' Choice Award at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.
Calfee Bamboo Tandem from Tandems East
Bamboo Tandem
Stock sizes only • cost for frameset $6,000
S&S Coupled $8,790

Available Options
Forks & Paint
Frame only price does NOT include fork or paint
Paint starting at $600
Fade starting at $750

ENVE Composites Road 2.0 $425
ENVE Composites Tapered $450
ENVE Composites Disc (180mm only) $560
Carbon Tandem Specific Tapered 1 1/2" fork (203 disc capable thru axle or QR) Wide clearance $595
TRP CX Fork 180mm disc only thru axle, 397mm axle to crown (skewer included) $550

Additional Options - Frameset
Custom Geometry $750
Di2 internal routing (holes only, no components) $300
Head tube or seat tube extensions $125
Extra stiffness $300
Rack eyelets (available in standard or thru axle frames) N/C
Fender Mount or Extra bottle mount (each) $50
Disc brake dropout N/C
28mm tire clearance N/C
Brake reach adjustment $50
Stoker control rear brake cable routing $250
10" disc brake compatibility (includes adapter for Avid BB7) $150
Rohloff cable routing $400
Dual belt drive upgrade (dual eccentric bottom brackets, Gates Carbon Drive compatible) $100
Gates Carbon Belt Center Drive (66 tooth belt ring custom only) $295 (plus installation cost)
Arai drum brake compatibility $450
Arai drum brake compatibility (stoker control epoxied guides) $500
Metal Headbadge $110

Spinergy TX2 upgrade $625
Spinergy TX2 Stealth Carbon upgrade $900
Rolf Delta Wheelset $700
Rolf Full Carbon Wheelset $1,850
with Tandems East Parts Kits
Parts Kit AA add $2,750
Parts Kit AAA add $3,850
Parts Kit Di3 Triple add $5,850

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