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Tandems East is the place to find stoker comfort items

Everything on this page is a stoker comfort item

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 Tandems East is the place to find stoker comfort items
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Stoker Comfort Items
We now have adjustable stoker stems for all Bike Friday Tandems
Special LOW Introductory price of only $85
See more saddles here
Selle Anotomica Saddle from Tandems East  Chid's Seat from Tandems East  Tandems East Pave Saddle 

Selle Anotomica Saddle

Black or Red, Waterproof
Chid's Seat
Tandems East Pave Saddle
Terry Butterfly Ti Rails Women's Saddle from Tandems East  Terry Fly Ti Rails Men's Saddle  Terry Liberator Gel Saddle from Tandems East 
Terry Butterfly Ti Rails Women's Saddle
Terry Fly Ti Rails Men's Saddle
Terry Liberator Gel Saddle
Men's or Women's
Bike Cue Holder from Tandems East Mirrycle Mirror from Tandems East Tandems East Double Bottle Holder 

Bike Cue Holder

Now available for standard or oversize bar 31.8

Mirrycle Mirror

Road or Mountain

Tandems East Double Bottle Holder

Holder with hardware
 Bar Map (Large) from Tandems East  Bar Map OTG from Tandems East Bar Map (Small) from Tandems East

Bar Map (Large)

Bar Map OTG
Unfolds to reveal
full sheet map
Bar Map (Small)
Stoker Bag from Tandems East Stoker Bag from Tandems East Cane Creek Stoker Pegs from Tandems East

Stoker Bag

Fits under top tube and
attaches to captain seat post
Stoker Bag
Works well with small
Cannondale Delta Frames

Cane Creek Stoker Pegs

Oversize Stoker Bars from Tandems East Profile Stoker Bars #26 from Tandems East Cane Creek Thudbuster ST from Tandems East

Ride 2 Oversize Stoker Bars

49.5 cm wide,outside to outside
47.5 inside diameter 31.8 bar clamp
Gets around wider captain


Profile Stoker Bars #26

Stoker bars $50
Generic version $45
Oversized $55

Cane Creek
Thudbuster ST



 High Rise Stoker Stem Insert from Tandems East Dimension Adjustable Stoker Stem from Tandems East Topeak Explorer from Tandems East
High Rise
Stoker Stem Insert

27.1 x 28.6, 28.6 x 29.6,
28.6 x 33.8

$70 each
Black Only
Control Tech Adjustable
(Old School)
Stoker Stem

Shim Sizes Available:
26.0, 26.2, 26.4, 26.6, 26.8,
27.2, 28.6, 29.8.

$12 - $14
Many more available sizes
works very well with disc brakes

See the
MTX Bags Below
Topeak MTX Rack Bag from Tandems East Topeak MTX Rack Bag from Tandems East  Topeak MTX Rack Bag from Tandems East 
Not fully connected  Connected to Explorer  Showing open pannier 
Rack Bag with slide-In System
Bag Only
Custom Co-Motion Speedster from Tandems East
Taller Stoker / Shorter Captain
Custom Co-Motion Speedster. Works with visually impaired couple also.
Call for price
Ride 2 products from Tandems Eat
How do you know if your child needs crank shortners or a Ride2 child kiddie crank conversion?
1) a rule of thumb - if the child is 7 years old they generally can use crank shortners, with the stoker seat all the way down. An easy method for testing this - lower the seat in the stoker position to the lowest point, then have your child sit on the saddle with the crank in the down position. If their foot intersects with at least half of the crank arm in the down position they can use crank shortners.  They can enjoy Ride2 or Tandems East original crank shortners until age 11 or 12.
Ride 2 Kiddie Crank from Tandems East 
Ride 2 Kiddie Crank
Crank with 2 arm lengths 110mm and 135mm. Includes chainring and hardware.
Call for Price
2) Ride 2 Child kiddie crank conversion is generally used from age 3 1/2 to age 7. When ordering it is important to know  what type of crank you presently have on your tandem, the bolt pattern of the chainring (either 110 or 130 is most common). Also you need to know your seat tube size. Ride2 kiddie crank conversion comes with the ability to do 3 sizes; 1 1/8, 1 1/4 and 1 3/8. all hardware is provided and it takes standard metric Allen wrenches to install. Installation is usually a 45 minute job. If the child is just 3 1/2 they will need a longer stoker boom. which generally run about $85. An inexpensive way to avoid the longer stoker extension purchase is to flip over the handlebars. Ride 2 kiddie cranks can be purchased with 2 crank lengths, standard 110mm (for the very young rider) or 135mm for older children.
The ORIGINAL Crank Shorteners from Tandems East     The ORIGINAL Crank Shorteners from Tandems East
The ORIGINAL Crank Shortners from Tandems East
Adjustable aluminum crank shortner with English 9/16x 20 threading. Also available in 1/2" for older steel cranks $135 per pair. ($150 for Extra Wide) 2 min. installed. 4 positions redesigned with rounded corners. Fits all cranks. We have produced these for 30 years. Does not mar cranks. Available in standard and wide sizes for $135 and extra wide versions at $150. Shortens the crank length by 24mm, 41mm, 59mm & 76mm. Reduce cranks by up to 3”
Standard fits around a 31.2 crank
Wide fits around a 39.5
Extra Wide fits 45.5

US Patent # 5743,546
Kid Back Conversions
Brand Seat Tube Diameter Complete
Ride 2 1 1/8 & 1 1/4" 1 3/8" $275
Hadley* 1 3/8" $335
fits Santana
*Complete conversions include bottom bracket shell with clamp, BB plus sizing shim, axle, crank set, either 110mm or 135mm with Ride 2 Kiddie Cranks, 36 tooth chain ring, long crank bolts, spacer washers and chain.
Not sure? Call us. We are happy to advise, we have done many.
(Big Questions: Are your cranks 74x110 or 130x74? and What size is your seat tube?)

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