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“Thank you Tandems East for saving the day!!!
After Rachel’s knee replacement surgery she has not been able to turn full circles on the tandem.
Mel designed a crank shorter for kids on the back of tandems.
It also works great for old kids coming back from knee surgery.”

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“Thank you for a wonderful time yesterday, it was definitely worth the ride. The rack was definitely worth it but the generous hospitality shown to me by you, your family, and workers. was exceptional. Had I known this was going to be such a nice time I would have brought my wife, she would have enjoyed it and would have loved to talk to Barbara about pianos.
The car does fit in the garage, but it would not have fit without the adjustments. My wife was busy today so I took my trail bike to one of our local trails. The rack is a piece of cake to use and much easier than hoisting the bikes onto the roof of the car.
Removed the rack, because later this week I’ll need to use my trailer to haul some debris to the compost center. Since I didn’t install it I also wanted to make sure I knew what to do, no problem. Also, in the pack of stuff that came with the rack, there is a long red strap with a buckle. Is this for anything special?
Again Thank You, and a pleasure meeting your crew.”
-Julius Iwantsch

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About Us

Mel and Barbara, owners of Tandems East have cycled “twogether” more than 200,000+ miles since 1973 when they bought their first tandem from Mike Petchey, a British man they met while crossing the English Channel.