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About us

Tandems East

Mel and Barbara, owners of Tandems East have cycled “twogether” more than 200,000+ miles since 1973 when they bought their first tandem from Mike Petchey, a British man they met while crossing the English Channel. Since then:

  • Tandems East started out in Mel and Barbara’s garage a little more than thirty years ago in Vineland, New Jersey where Mel repaired his friend’s single racing bikes and eventually sold his first tandem to family members.
  • Mel taught their children Natalie and Jed to ride at very young ages and designed ways to take them on family rides with each child and parent on their own tandem bike.
  • By the age of ten both children had pedaled thousands of miles with their parents sharing an adventure filled childhood which included Eastern Tandem Rallies, co-founding the Family Cycling Tour and yearly cycling family vacations.
  • Mel invented crank shortners for Jed allowing him to pedal on the back of either parent’s tandem as he grew.
  • Now in business for over 30 years, Tandems East has prospered into an international company selling thousands of tandems.
  • Today Tandems East has their own American made tandem brand, the Hokitika with three models, several tandem friendly inventions and the U.S. Patent rights to Ride 2 crank shortners.
  • Natalie designed the Tandems East logo which is still used today. She and her husband Roy also created the Hokitika logo.
  • Tandems East carries a full line of more than 80 in-stock tandems, an extensive parts inventory, performs custom wheel building and shares decades of tandem experience and knowledge.

Note from Barbara

I am late sitting down to write this piece about tandem life, Tandems East and Evelyn Hill Cycling. Instead of inspiration coming from snowflakes, ice and cold weather, my spark of creativity is from flowers that are about to bloom and weather evolving from gloomy dark days to more sunshine and warmth. No apologies. This year is all about change. There are changes happening at every corner of life. That’s not a bad thing. Change is good. It means we are trying new ways to accomplish whatever it is we seek.

Tandems East is no different. We are building and selling more electric assist tandems than ever before. This new way of riding has given aging riders the choice to continue and enjoy our wonderful sport. About a month ago we returned from our last cycling adventure in New Zealand. Oh, you say you heard that before? This time it is fact. We completed our tenth TEASE2024 tour (Tandems East Adventure South Experience) on January 19, 2024. We chose to take our Landshark electric assist coupled tandem and could not have been more pleased. The ten couples were absolutely fabulous and compatible in skill and personality, as were our four guides.

As in past tours, TEASE2024 started its eighteen days in the garden city of Christchurch located in the South Island. We traveled on trails with majestic views of Mount Cook, the snow-capped Southern Alps, breathtaking glacier-fed lakes, and farm pastures all the way to the Pacific Ocean on the west coast. As we cycled north over Haast Pass and through the lush rain forest, we enjoyed views of crashing ocean waves and traveled the West Coast Wilderness Trail stopping in Hokitika, our house brand namesake!

The last day of our tour we crossed the Southern Alps on the TranzAlpine train with more amazing views of mountains, ocean, rivers and farmland. For Mel and me, this was a first. We had never cycled on gravel like this. Our one experience in the past was a five-day ride from Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh on the hard-packed dirt of the Great Allegheny Pass. New Zealand trails are more rugged and narrow dirt pathways. Some had huge rocks, many metal cattle crossings and twist and turns that only the best of the best captains and stokers could maneuver.

Many of you have asked when our Tandem Expo will return. We are holding the expo May 4-5, 2024 in a new location – our Tandems East/ Evelyn Hill Cycling warehouse located on a few acres at 685 Kenyon Ave in Rosenhayn, N.J. just one mile from our home.

One hundred new and used tandems will be on display ready for your test ride along rural roads. Mel will introduce our house brand (Hokitika) first electric-assist tandem. Tables will overflow with tools, accessories and gadgets. Women and men alike will have an opportunity to try on the full line of Evelyn Hill Cycling apparel from sizes XS to 5X for ladies and M-5X for men.

There is plenty of free parking and a food truck will be onsite. There is still no charge for entry to the expo.

I have been very busy with the Evelyn Hill Cycling Club offering three rides each week during the season. Our women are getting stronger every year and we are growing in membership.

On May 19 we will hold the second annual She-Bikes charity ride for women only. Last year the 99 participants raised over $4,000 for our local women’s shelter. This year we hope to double that!

The event will start and end at our warehouse, 685 Kenyon Ave in Rosenhayn. We are offering 25, 35 and 50 mile marked routes followed by a big celebration with food trucks, an ice cream truck, woman DJ, female photographer and wonderful free raffle prizes at the end.

With all of life’s changes, one thing is consistent…Mel and Barbara are busy spreading the word of positive tandem experiences. We are riding every chance we get and we continue loving our sport and each other!