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Bike Friday Tandems

Bike Friday Tandems

Tandems that Fold. Tandems that pack.

We have adjustable stoker stems for all Bike Friday Tandems

All Bike Fridays are sold without pedals or seats

The original Family Tandem was designed by Cofounder Alan Scholz to be a family heirloom bike — a sturdy, reliable tandem that can be handed down from generation to generation. The 2019 frame is designed as an upgraded lighter and full custom version. The Family Tandem sports adjustability, allowing it to be set up for two adults or an adult and a child. Kids and other stokers feel at home closer to the ground, and the small wheels make it easier to handle for the Captain. The Family Tandem can adjust as a child grows. The beauty of Bike Friday tandems shines in the ride, which is enhanced by 20 inch wheels and easy step over tube. The Family Tandem does not fold, but can be disassembled easily to fit into two Samsonite Travel Cases for easy airline travel.

The Tandem Two’sDay has a high quality ride for touring a continent or riding a weekend rally with the convenience of a folding bike to fold for easy storage or quick travel. The Two’sDay folds in two places to fit into the back of an SUV, trunk of a car or even the back of the Mini Cooper! It eliminates the need for special racks on your car or a van to be a tandem owner. Great for travel, it fits into two Bike Friday Travel Cases for airline travel, and the Travel Cases can be converted into a double-decker trailer. The Two’sDay can be designed as a simple city tandem with wide tires or upgraded to a high performance touring tandem with thin tires.

Bike Friday Tandem Two’sDay

A great folding travel tandem.


This bike is built as a 27 speed with grip shift and conventional derailleurs.

Add a front wheel electric assist.  Call for Price.

Color: Multiple colors available

Bike Friday Family Tandem with Child Stoker

Just add Tandems East Crank Shortners for child stoker for an additional $130.


Disc brakes, triple front crank, grip shift 9 Speed, wide range rear cassette, comfy saddles.

Add a front wheel electric assist. Call for Price.

Color: Multiple choices available.

Bike Friday Family Triple Traveler

Fun for all three of you.


27 speed Triple crank 11-32 9 speed, Disc brakes, grip shift, flat bars.
Adult-Child-Adult seating (special handlebars to accommodate this setup).

Add a front wheel electric assist. Call for Price and availability. Must be installed at Tandems East.

Color: red, blue, green, black

Two hardshell plastic travel cases $700.

Not oversized, airplane legal, only available in black

Allow 1 hour for assembly/disassembly

Standard equipment on all Bike Friday’s

  • 1¼” Bike Friday Alloy headset
  • Bike Friday Flat Bars
  • Schwalbe tires 20 x 1.75
  • DT Spokes (stainless steel with brass nipples)
  • Alloy Seat Posts
  • Silver Quality Rims
  • Continental timing chains
  • Sealed cartridge Bottom Bracket