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Bike Racks

Bike Racks

Tandem Roof Rack by Tandems East

$450 Economy tandem rack
Complete with all hardware

Our own design. 9mm front QR skewer. Finish is black powder coated. (Does not include cross bars)

No racks include cross bars or fit kits.

New electric assist tandems 2″ hitch rack must remove front wheel $675. Black powder coat. Minor assembly required. Only need to lift it 12″ off the ground.

Tandems East Fork Riser

5” bracket for your vehicle
5″ height keeps grease off your carpet
9mm skewer
Available soon 12mm Thru-Axle
100mm or 15mm Thru-Axle @ 110mm

Rocky Mounts TandemMount R4

A tandem is really hard to fit in the trunk, so Rocky Mounts developed the TandemMount R4 to get your bikes from point A to point B. Built from non-corrosive, heat treated aluminum with a 9mm quick release, it holds the fork like a champ. We recommend a cable lock to secure your bike to rack

Rocky Mounts Tandem Tailpipe

Still available in limited quantities
The easy to load, locking hitch rack for your bicycle-built-for-two. Fit for one tandem bike( 1″ or 2″ hitch), comes with a secure locking system, and quickly folds and tilts for easy rear vehicle access.

Ride 2 Tandem and Single Rear Rack

NEW for 2023!

1” or 2” hitch option
Holds up to 90lbs
Easy on easy off
Five different mounts for the fork for standard quick release, 12 mm x 100 thru, 12mm x 110,
15mm x 100, 15mm x 110
Cost $95 to change to a different fork mount
A very simple well made rack
Folds down so you can open your back hatch
Black powder coated
Locks in three places

Electronic Tandem Hitch Rack

with Thru Axle or Quick release
(to order a thru axle or quick release alternative mount costs $95 includes hardware)
2 inch hitch only
Much easier to lift onto your vehicle. Simple sturdy design.
Black powder coated.

Thule Cross Bars and Fit Kit

Call for price
Suited for your vehicle.
Call us with the year and make/model and we will be happy to quote you.
All racks do not include cross bars or fit kits.

Draftmaster - 3 Bicycle Rack System

Model HR-2 + S76 allows you to carry either a long wheelbase recumbent or a tandem, two single upright bicycles, or two short wheelbase recumbents. System includes three front wheel holders. Utilizes a 1″ or 2” receiver hitch. This system pivots for easy loading; allows rear door to open and close when in the down position. Includes locking skewers and wheel tray.
Cost complete as shown $1,500 with wheel carrier included, plus shipping
Also available in a single tandem rack or a short-wheelbase recumbent $1,045
Topper lock and master lock special Tandems East price $100 for the pair
Most popular model – 2 Singles and 1 Tandem $1,500     

ATOC One-Person Loading Tandem & Recumbent Rack

$600 Tandem Mount
$900 Triplet Mount
$80 Locking Skewer 
a must for your expensive tandem
Master Lock specific to skewer 
Buy both for $100

Tandem Topper’s pivot assist loading system allows true one-person loading and unloading of your tandem or LWB recumbent every time. Atoc’s pioneering pivot system offers unmatched ease of use, versatility and quality. Insist on a genuine Tandem Topper.

Tandem Toppers are made in sizes to carry all tandems and long-wheelbase recumbents – including 2, 3 and 4 person tandems and recumbent tandems.

Convert your Current Atoc rack to 12mm or 15mm

Thru axle either 100 or 110.
All hardware included

Safe conversion for Yakima QR

to 15mm Thru Axle 100 or 110
All hardware included

Burley Trailer Alternate Hitch

Works best for narrow spaced drop out with an Arai drum.
Now fits either 140, 145, 160.
Please specify rear spacing.
New 160 spacing for Santana, Meridian, KHS Roma.