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Shimano LX Brake Pads

$24 per pair
Sold as a set


6$46 Avid G2 Clean Sweep 200mm
$46 Avid G2 Clean Sweep 203mm
$44 TRP Road Disc 203mm

Avid BB7 Road Caliper

$300 per set
(includes cables & housing)
Shown with a 200mm adapter
Sold with the rotor for $150

Bolt-On QR Do-Hickee

For Arai Drum
For 99 thru 06 Cannondale tandems

DT HÜGI Disc Rotor Screw On

Allows you to use a thread-on hub on your wheel and convert to a disc brake.
12.5mm,15mm or 20mm (fits most)
Call For Advice

Park Rotor Truing Tool

Specially designed, and precisely manufactured to gently adjust bent or damaged brake rotor

Quick Release

$395 Complete
Note adjustable break away quick release
Limited Availability

Trek Bolt On Disc Adapter

to frame
only for Trek

Disc Spacer Adapter

51mm international standard, no threads
We have these in 10mm or 3mm wide
Needed for Shimano XT threaded hubs
10mm $20
3mm Wide $16
with longer screw kit $21

Kool Stop V-Brake Pads

$13 per pair
Replacement brake pads
Color salmon & black

Avid BB7 200mm Disc & Rotor

Complete $150 each
Housing & Cable Hardware Included


Cable Actuated 203mm
Hydraulic Disc Brake
Rotor not Included

Hy/Rd or Spyre front or rear replacement pad
$22 each
Side mount caliper brackets $15

Ride 2 Arai Drum QR Cable Kit


Reconditioned Arai Drum

Reconditioned Arai Drum Brake and kit
10-12-14 mm holes
Call for advice

Dia Compe Model 287

Double Drill Levers
Not V-Brake

Travel Agent Inline (for Disc Brakes)

$80 each
with Canti Bolt
Great for Disc Brake

Jagwire Inline Cable Adjusters

$32 pair
Great for fine tuning a disc brake

Avid Single Digit 7

$90 per pair
Front & Rear V Brakes
linear pull

Arai Drum Brake Remover


Shimano XT Ice Tech Rotor

203mm 6 bolt

aluminum carrier

TRP Center Lock Disc Rotor

Does not include Shimano nut

TRP Spyre

Cable Actuated 203mm
Disc Brake Dual Piston
Rotor not included

Hy/Rd or Spyre front or rear replacement pad
$22 each
Side mount caliper brackets $15

Arai Drum Brake QR Kit


Double Cable Wishbone

Silver only

Double MT Cable Lever


Travel Agent Adjustable Barrel

2 for $65
Back in production!
Best used with Linear pull brakes like Avid Single Digit 7 with barrel adjuster

Brake Pads

$28 Avid BB7
$28 TRP Disc Pads
$40 Organic Pads

Shaved Disc Adapter

$24 each
203mm or 200mm
Good when you need a little
extra lateral room
Stock Adapter $16

New Arai Drum Brake Remover


Brake Levers


Brake Cables

Thread On Drum Brakes

Send us yours, we will exchange it with a shaved one.

Disc Brakes

Call About Fit
NOTE: New Avid disc size for 2012 and newer is 200mm
203mm Rotor $44, 200mm Rotor $42, Shimano IceTech $75, TRP $40, 203mm TRP Rotor $44, TRP 203mm Center Lock Rotor $50, Santana 10″ Disk Rotor $275