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Chainrings & Chains

Chainrings and Chains

Chainring Tech Tip

How to measure your chainring bolt pattern

The 2 most common bolt patterns are:
110 Bolt Pattern = 65mm center to center 
(actually 64.7mm)
130 Bolt Pattern = 77mm center to center (actually 76.4mm)
Most common on tandems in the last 10 years (in particular FSA) 130-74 5 Bolt Pattern.
Coming soon 110 Bolt Pattern for tandem doubles. When ordering make sure you look at our handy measuring procedure above.

74mm 34 tooth Chainring

74mm, 34 tooth, inner, on a double crankset. Silver
Di2 Compatible. Good for compact double. This ring can be used on a triple crank inner position and move the outer chainring to the middle.

Chain Shield 1

Works with FSA 68-73 Carbon
SL-K MegaExo Cranks

Gates Carbon Belt Centertrack Drive

Call for fit questions
$315 (plus installation)
Available in 130 BCD (5 bolt) or 104 BCD (4 bolt)
There is a different belt for either 4 or 5 Bolt Systems
For 130mm System 74-69-66 Tooth Rings, 250 cog belt
For 104mm BCD 39 tooth gates, 168 cog belt
We also stock all non-CenterTrack belts and pulleys
Call for Pricing

Chain Shield 2

Works with Isis or Octolink
Sram Truvative Elita Model $75

Ride 2 Ramped & Pinned Chainrings

110mm, 44 tooth, R&P Chainring
(silver or black) $90

110mm, 54 tooth R&P Chainring

Original Race Face Ramped & Pinned Chainrings
All chainrings are black and 9 speed compatible
Very Limited Quantities
Call for Availability

The 110mm chainrings are good replacements for Race Face, Specialized, Sugino, Ritchey, etc. where you need ramped/pinned chainrings for STI Levers.

Are you disappointed?

Many people tell us they’re disappointed they can’t find 53 and 42 tooth chainrings.
We have both from Ride 2.

Chain Ring Bolts

Sold in sets of 5
T-25 Torx L wrench available for $4

Full Speed Ahead Road Chainrings

FSA SL-K MegaExo Chainrings

Ride 2 • 8 & 9 Speed Chainrings


Chainring Tech Tip

Chain Ring Dimensions (all 5 bolt)

Sugino Brand Chainrings

Good Replacement Chainrings