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Co-Motion Big Al Tandem #106

New Old Stock – Aluminum Road Tandem. Size: Medium. Color: Green. Cost: $2,500.

Sterling Road Tandem #109

Early Bilenky bike hand fillet brazed by Steve Bilenky himself (our personal bike).
Size: 21×18. Color: Magenta. Cost: $2,000.

Santana Noventa #112

Hardly ridden – Time Capsule – 24 speed. Size: 24×21. Color: Purple. Cost: $2,200.

Rodriguez Titanium Road #118

Older Model. Good starter. Size: 23 x 21. Color: Blue. Cost: $1,700.

Santana Elan #121

Hardly ridden, Good starter. Size: Small. Color: Gray. Cost: $850.

Burley Rumba #124

7 Speed – Very good condition. Size: 21 x 18. Color: Green. Cost: $1,600.

Calfee Tetra #126

We have one brand new, old stock, Calfee Tetra Frameset (Frame and Fork) on sale. Color: Cabernet. Size: XS. Not-coupled. Cost: $4,500.

Co-Motion Speedster #206

Very good starter. Size: Medium med. Color: Gold Citrus. 

Brooks Saddles. Good condition. Cost: Asking $2,200.00 complete FOB Pittsgrove. 
Rodriguez Aluminum Trillium #207

Good starter. Size: Medium mtn. Color: Natural. Cost: $1,700.

Hokotika 2-Be-One #214

Steel S&S Coupled. Size: Large. Color: Blue. Cost: $5,500.

Co-Motion coupled Speedster #216

Very good condition. Size: Large 23×21. Color: Silver. 

24×21 with two V-brakes one stoker controlled drum.
6 Couplers. Geared well for hills. Has two suitcases one hard,
one very soft case for wheels. Cost: Asking complete FOB Pittsgrove,
just tuned up Dec 2022. $5,200.00
DaVinci Intuition #219

Size: Medium-Medium. Color: Red Silver Fade. 

Hardly ridden. 26″ wheels.

Cost: $2,800.00 complete FOB Pittsgrove NJ

Co-Motion Speedster #222

Size: Small. Color: Red Silver Blue. 

Well kept. Shock post. Carbon fork. Custom paint.

Cost: $3,000.00 complete FOB Pittsgrove NJ

Co-Motion Custom Periscope #224

Size: X-Small. Color: Tropical Green. 

Only ridden a few miles. Tuned and ready to go.

Cost: $3,500.00 complete FOB Pittsgrove NJ

Burley Tosa #225

Size: Small. Color: Purple Powder. 

Excellent condition.

Cost: $2,500.00 complete FOB Pittsgrove NJ

DaVinci Joint Venture #226

Size: Medium. Carbon frame. Shade shifter. We have a good shipping container. Shipping is extra.

Cost: $7,000 OBO

DaVinci Joint Venture #227

Size: Large-large. Color: Red. Just tuned.

Steel frame in good condition. Call for any questions 856.451.5194.
We have a good shipping container. Shipping is extra.

Cost: $3,000 OBO.

Rocky Mounts Swiveling Rack #228

In good shape. Complete.

Cost: $300.00 plus shipping (extra)

Co-Motion Speedster #229

Size: Large-large. Color: British Racing Green. NOS. Triple shifting system and dual disc brakes. A nice bike! Carbon frame. Shade shifter. We have a good shipping container. Shipping is extra.

Cost: $4,200 complete FOB Pittsgrove NJ

2024 Bike Friday Folding Tuesday #230

Brand New. Color: Red. Can be folded in 5 minutes and fits in a bag.
Dual disc brakes.

Cost: $3,850. Cost of bag $200. Also, E-motor can be installed with a front wheel motor for approx. $2,800.

Motobecane Electric #231

Size: Large-large. Color: Red. Electric assist Shimano steps must be pedaled no throttle.

Cost: $2,900 complete FOB Pittsgrove NJ


Shipping used tandems by Tandems East. We are happy to ship your tandem.

  • Cost for a safe tandem box is $35.00
  • Packing your tandem labor cost $75.00
  • Shipping a full size tandem,  expect anywhere between $225.00 to $300.00.
  • S&S bikes in cases have a lower cost to ship.