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Co-Motion Speedster #101

Steel, S&S Coupled with soft cases. Size: Medium. Color: Yellow. Cost: $3,750.

Sterling Road Tandem #103

Carbon Fork. Size: 20.5 x 17. Color: Red. Cost: $2,500.

Co-Motion Big Al Tandem #103

New Old Stock – Aluminum Road Tandem. Size: Medium. Color: Green. Cost: $2,900.

Sterling Road Tandem #109

Early Bilenky bike hand fillet brazed by Steve Bilenky himself (our personal bike).
Size: 21×18. Color: Magenta. Cost: $2,000.

Santana Noventa #112

Hardly ridden – Time Capsule – 24 speed. Size: 24×21. Color: Purple. Cost: $2,200.

Cannondale RT1000 #113

Just rebuilt. Size: Large Medium. Color: Red. Cost: $1,900.

Rodriguez Titanium Road #118

Older Model. Good starter. Size: 23 x 21. Color: Blue. Cost: $1,600.

Santana Elan #121

Hardly ridden, Good starter. Size: Small. Color: Gray. Cost: $900.

Co-Motion Soft Ride #122

Good shape – Needs a home. Size: Medium. Color: Green. Cost: $2,500.

Calfee Tetra #123

New old stock. Size: XL Medium. Color: Blue. Cost: $12,000.

Burley Rumba #124

7 Speed – Very good condition. Size: 21 x 18. Color: Green. Cost: $1,500.

Co-Motion Speedster #125

Extra long back end – Slight dent in top tube. Size: S x S. Color: Blue to Champaigne. Cost: $2,750.

Calfee Tetras #126

We have 2 brand new, old stock, Calfee Tetras on sale. Good price. Call for size and price.

Cannondale T2 #202

Like new. Size: XS. Color: White and Red. Cost: $2,500.

Co-Motion Supremo #203

Like new. Size: Small. Color: Silver black fade. Cost: $6,500.

Cannondale RT1000 #204

Slightly used. Size: Large Small. Color: Dark blue. Cost: $2,100.

Santana S&S Couples #205

Good condition. Size: Large Small. Color: Yellow orange fade. Cost: $3,500.

Co-Motion Speedster #206

Very good starter. Size: Medium med. Color: Gold citrus. Cost: $2,500.

Rodriguez Aluminum Trillium #207

Good starter. Size: Medium mtn. Color: Natural. Cost: $1,600.