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Co-Motion Tandems

Co-Motion Tandems

American Made, Oregon Made, Handmade

The Co-Pilot Tandem Concept
Co-Motion first produced this concept in the mid 90’s. Since then it has revolutionized tandem travel for many teams. Assemble or disassemble within one hour and you are riding the tandem that fits you. Not a rental or borrowed tandem but a light responsive standard size tandem which will surprise you in how normal it feels. Still using S&S couplings to insure a rust-free product. No removal of fork to complicate things. Cable splitters for ease of assembly. Fits into two suitcases sold separately. Available on all Chromoly Co-Motion tandems except aluminum models.

New for 2023, many Co-Motion singles will be 15mm front one 12mm rear thru-axle.

45 Colors to choose from.
Fades and Pearls cost extra. Call For Pricing.
Check out the colors on Co-Motion’s Website at


Please allow extra time for customs or triplets.
Order early before season or lead times may change.
50% Deposit Required.

Co-Motion Carrera Tandem

Racing Tandem

$8,675 Complete Bike
$11,170 Carrera Co-Pilot
add $950 Ultegra Di2 Package electronic shifting (11 speed)

The most popular model. Outfitted with everything the modern tandem-riding pair dreams of, the Carrera is fast and fun, yet ready to take on tour or pack into travel cases with the Co-Pilot option. Upgraded components where it counts. A very economic, fast tandem that feels wonderful.


Fully Custom Co-Motions available. Custom Co-Motion Carrera belonging to NJ residents Nick and Andrea pictured.

Co-Motion Macchiato Tandem

Racing Tandem

$9,675 Complete Bike
$595 Custom Sizing Available
add $950 Ultegra Di2 Package electronic shifting (11 speed)
add $900 Spinergy wheelset upgrade (8 different color choices)

Beautiful, light and fast at 26 lbs. In a class of its own, designed for pure speed. Weight without pedals 24.4 lbs. using Spinergy Wheels. Standard sizes available (S, M, L, LS) Unable to be coupled. Disc brakes and Shimano Ultegra kit standard.

Co-Motion Metolius Tandem

Electric Assist Tandem

starting at $17,995 Complete Bike

Co-Motion enters the electric assist market with a Bosche motor and many great features.

Co-Motion Bluebird Tandem

Performance Tandem

$3,695 Complete Bike with 2x Shifting

The brand-new Bluebird tandem is made with pride in Co-Motion’s Eugene, OR facility. Besides its incredibly attractive price, it’s also designed to be the friendliest Co-Motion tandem ever. We want more people to give tandem cycling a try. Ride together with your best pal, your kid, your spouse. You’re going to love it, on the Bluebird, you don’t have to break the bank to get real, American-made quality.

Co-Motion Speedster Rohloff Tandem (formerly Equator)

Performance Tandem

$8,860 Complete Bike
$10,300 Speedster Rohloff Co-Pilot
$12,295 Speedster Pinion 18

Frame is made of Reynolds 631 air-hardened steel, zonally butted tandem tubing the most unique feature of this bike is the Rohloff Speedhub with Gates CenterTrack Belt Drive.

Co-Motion Java 29er Tandem

Performance Tandem

$6,680 Complete Bike Front 110mm, Rear 148mm Boost 
$8,295 Java Co-Pilot with S&S Couplings 
$8,860 Java 29er Rohloff 
$10,320 Java 29er Rohloff Co-Pilot with S&S Couplings 
CFP Electronic shifting 

With its ultra-rugged frame and big 29” wheels, the Java is equipped to take on extremes. Getting away from vehicle traffic has never been easier or more fun. The Java’s rugged frame and specially-built fork are designed to get you to your most exotic destination grinning widely.

Co-Motion Primera Tandem

Performance Tandem

$4,495 Complete Bike
$7,490 Primera Co-Pilot with S&S Couplings
$950 additional Double Electric Assist
CFP Electronic shifting

Co-Motion has taken an excellent BASIC Chromoly frame using a parts kit with a very economical price. You will not be disappointed in the quality, and will be excited about the price. This is a great touring tandem. All Primera Tandems include 200mm Avid BB5 dual discs.

Co-Motion Mocha Tandem

Performance Tandem

$4,995 Complete Bike with stock drop bars
$7,490 Mocha Co-Pilot with S&S Couplings

This versatile 26” wheel bike allows you to do road or off road and not sacrifice performance in either venue. This bike uses the same tube set as the Speedster and Supremo with a choice of a road kit or mountain kit. All Mocha Tandems include 200mm Avid BB5 dual discs. Frame sizes: 18 x 15, 19.5 x 17, 21 x 18.5 Comes with high volume 650B tire size (70 – 80lb tire pressure).

Co-Motion Speedster Tandem

Performance Tandem

$6,335 Complete Bike
$8,850 Speedster Co-Pilot with S&S Couplings
$1,050 additional Electric Double Assist

This proven frame design of air hardened Chromoly is a very light, agile and extremely responsive tandem. The choice of many fast paced riders and their partners who appreciate a steel TIG welded frame. A Sleeper of a tandem. Comments often heard: “It feels like my single bike!”
Frame sizes: 21×18, 22×19, 23×20, 23×18

Co-Motion Steelhead Tandem

Performance Tandem

$8,975 Complete Bike
$11,470 Steelhead Co-Pilot with S&S Couplings
add $950 Double Electric Assist

The Steelhead is a unique tandem species, just like the native fish in the Pacific Northwest. It’s born near cold water tributaries with gravel under its belly and ready for adventure.​ This is one versatile road bike, whether the road is paved, double track or covered with gravel. For some this tandem will be the ultimate gravel bike for weekend explorations or racing the Land Run 100 and Dirty Kanza. For others its the ultimate Gran Fondo bike or light tourer that easily transforms to handle the changing terrain.

The Steelhead is a unique tandem species, just like the native fish in the Pacific Northwest. It’s born near cold water tributaries with gravel under its belly and ready for adventure.​ This is one versatile road bike, whether the road is paved, double track or covered with gravel. For some this tandem will be the ultimate gravel bike for weekend explorations or racing the Land Run 100 and Dirty Kanza. For others its the ultimate Gran Fondo bike or light tourer that easily transforms to handle the changing terrain.

Co-Motion Kalapuya Tandem

Performance Tandem

$9,975 Complete Bike
add $950 Double Electric Assist

Venturing into the toughest twisting descents and demanding gravel climbs, the Kalapuya tandem is the next evolution in performance off-road tandems. With all its capability, you will find its outstanding ability on pavement beyond belief. Outfitted with the optional Rolf Prima carbon wheelset, some fast road tires and other performance options, you’ll find it hard to tell apart from our Macchiato ultralight road tandem. Why not pick up a spare wheelset and have it ready for paved or unpaved adventure at a moment’s notice?

Co-Motion Persicope Scout Tandem

Family Tandem

$4,295 Complete Bike 26” Flat Bar (2x shifting)
$7,490 Periscope Scout Co-Pilot with S&S Couplings
Electronic Shifting

Incredible value in a beautifully made tandem that’s well-equipped for your next family adventure. Young or old, big or small, the PeriScope Scout fits them all. The PeriScope comes with adjustable captain’s and stoker’s stems as well as 26” wheels for road or off-road riding. Exceptional stand over clearance with extreme high quality. Available in two stock colors: Pewter Grey and Lavender Metallic. Other colors available for a modest upcharge.
Dual disc brakes, standard, and a super-smooth 1.5″ oversized headset.

Co-Motion Persicope Torpedo Tandem

Family Tandem

$4,995 Complete Bike 700C
$7,290 700C Periscope Torpedo Co-Pilot with S&S Couplings
Electronic Shifting

The popular PeriScope Torpedo has all the family-friendly PeriScope Scout features with the superb performance and component selection of the popular Speedster model.

Co-Motion Persicope Trident

Family Tandem

Call for Price Complete Bike 700C

Remember how you used to ride together before the kid came along? Your lives change as your family grows. You take a bike ride after work; your spouse goes to the gym in the morning while you watch the kid. You find yourself thinking that in spite of the family bond you’ve all found together, you spend far too much time apart. Isn’t it time to bring it all back together? Co-Motion’s innovative PeriScope tandems have been embraced as the most versatile family-friendly tandems made. They developed the PeriScope Trident in response to your feedback and to push the PeriScope concept a step further.
A natural progression for the PeriScope model from its inception in 2005, now growing into a new line of triplets with the innovative telescoping seat masts and adjustable stems. Virtually fits almost any family.

Co-Motion Persicope Trident Convertible

Family Tandem

CFP Complete Bike not airline checkable (4 S&S couplers)
CFP Complete Bike airline checkable (6 S&S couplers)

This triplet gives you the ability to convert from a tandem to a triplet in just a few minutes. Like your growing family, the PeriScope Trident and Trident Convertible are a natural progression for the family of PeriScope tandems. Co-Motion would like to grow with you, and using their innovative telescoping seat mast system, they’ve made it easy for you to adjust your Trident for virtually any 3 people who want to ride!

Both the PeriScope Trident and Trident Convertible have incredible fitting capability for nearly every family. The Trident Convertible has the added ability to convert from triplet to tandem (double). If you’re uncertain that you want a full-time triplet, now you have the option of a triplet that can also serve as a tandem.

Note: Although the PeriScope Trident Convertible is fitted with S&S Couplings for the purpose of conversion from triplet to tandem and back again, it is not designed as a travel bike, nor does it fit into airline-checkable luggage. If you’d like to have a PeriScope Trident built for airline-checkability, please contact us.

Utilizes the speedster parts kit.
Speedster Triplet (Steel) Call for price
Roadster Triplet (Aluminum) Call for price

Speedster Quad (Steel) Call for price

Speedster Quint (Steel) Call for Price

Co-Motion Performance Upgrades

  • Rolf Carbon Wheelset $2,397
  • Rolf Aluminum Wheelset $1,250
  • Spinergy TX2 $1,150
  • Spinergy TX2 Carbon Stealth $1,400
  • Spinergy Z-32 Lite $1,275
  • Gates Carbon Belt Drive (plus installation) $315
  • Cane Creek Thudbuster $279
  • Kinekt Body Float Aluminum $279
  • Kinekt Body Float Carbon Fiber $370
  • Front & Rear Carbon Handlebars (as a pair) $530
  • Kinekt Front Supsension Stem CFP

Co-Motion Tandem Options

  • Custom Sizing $595
  • Di2 Hydro $1,600
  • Di2 Double $970
  • Di2 Triple add on to $900 fee $2,000
  • Di2 Triple from scratch $3,000
  • Custom paint (other than standard 30 colors) each color CFP
  • Co-Motion Co-Pilot Hard Sided Hybrid Case $449 each/ 2 for $800
  • Co-Motion Logo Dust Cover – “Protect your ride” $119
  • Co-Motion Metal Head Badge (a very nice option) $35
  • Lighthouse Head Badge – Crater Lake $75
  • Co-Motion Rear Stoker Frame Bag $205
  • Co-Motion Rear Handlebar Stoker Bag $49
  • Pathfinder Package Generator Hub, Light, and Sine Wave $649
  • Pinion on Java, Mocha, or Speedster Call for Price

We also stock small Co-Motion parts.

Co-Motion Americano


$5,195 with 2×11 Touring Kit 
$6,975 with Rohloff (14 internal gears, eliminating the need for derailleurs) 
$8,795 with Pinion P1.18 (18 speed gearbox)
Add couplers $1,195 

The Americano has established the standard for what a touring bike should be an entirely new breed of bicycle that handles self-supported, transcontinental touring without even breaking a sweat.

Co-Motion Klatch


$5,145 with Sport 105 Kit
$6,330 with Elite Kit GRX
$7,280 with GRX Di2 Hydro Kit
$8,495 with Pinion C1.12 (12 speed gearbox)

The Klatch is a new breed of cyclocross/ gravel bike. With more versatility than a road bike and more features than a traditional cross bike. Go farther, go with confidence and be more comfortable on or off-road. This is your next do-everything bike. Purpose: Gravel races, cyclocross, Gran Fondo events, randonneuring, urban commuting.

Co-Motion Cascadia


$4,740 Complete Bike with Shimano 2×11 Touring Kit

The Cascadia is a classic steel touring bike, smooth and comfortable with excellent load handling and predictability mile after mile. Purpose: Multi-day tours on pavement, randonneuring, daily commuting and hauling loads.

Co-Motion Ochoco


$4,195 with Shimano 2×11 Mountain Kit
$8,175 with Ochoco Pinion P1.12 (12 speed gearbox kit)
Add couplers $1,195

The Ochoco 650B Touring Bike is scaled to fit a wide range of women’s sizes, or for that matter, any person of smaller proportions. 650b road/touring wheels and special geometry enable excellent toe/fender clearance, which can be helpful for anyone looking for improved foot clearance for a toe-forward position or larger feet, as well as enhanced stability and lower center of gravity.

Co-Motion Deschutes


$2,995 Complete Bike

The Deschutes 700C Touring Bike is American hand built quality at a price level that competes with imported models from other brands. Uncompromising Co-Motion craftsmanship and design. Very well thought out specifications from stem to stern. Fantastic touring bike bargain. Couplers not available.

Co-Motion Single Upgrades

  • Co-Pilot Option (S&S coupled) $1,195
  • Custom Sizing $395
  • Stainless Steel Dropouts front & rear QR only $395
  • Stainless Steel Dropouts rear only $259
  • Co-Motion’s Rohloff Shifter $249
  • Pathfinder Package Generator Hub, Light $649
  • SS Dropouts Standard on Pin & Rohloff 
We do Shimano Di2 11 spd Double electronic shifting conversion from manual.
We also do Shimano Di2 11 spd Triple electronic shifting conversion from manual.
Ask us about SRAM Axis 12 spd double conversions.
The best way to do this is to bring or ship the bike to us for best results!