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Cranks & Pedals

Cranks & Pedals

WTB Momentum Flat Pedals

$55 per pair

FSA SL-K Evo Carbon

104 bolt pattern
175 or 170
includes bottom brackets

Ignite Tandem Crankset

The last few years have been quiet for new crank designs.
However, one new design has been produced by Ignite and is state of the art. This is am aluminum crankset with a modular design. The axle is a splined 30mm aluminum using a standard English outboard bearing.
Can be T-30 or T47 oversized. Runs very quiet and very stiff. Comes with your choice of single spider, double spider or old school triple, spiders sizes available 104, 107, 110 4 bolt 130 5 bolt.
We have these on several bikes that our customers are riding and loving.  We have some stock in 170-173-175 front 170- rear 165 rear.
Cost $2200.00 complete without CR’s.

FSA SL-K Carbon MegaExo

Limited Qty $1,200
Carbon crank set.
Includes Bottom Bracket

Viewpoint Hand Crank System

Call for price

The ORIGINAL Crank Shortners from Tandems East

Created by Mel in 1984

Adjustable aluminum crank shortener with English 9/16x 20 threading. Also available in 1/2″ for older steel cranks $130 per pair. ($140 for Extra Wide) 2 min. installed. 4 positions redesigned with rounded corners. Fits all cranks. We have produced these for 30 years. Does not mar cranks. Available in standard and wide sizes for $130 and extra wide versions at $140. Shortens the crank length by 24mm, 41mm, 59mm & 76mm. Reduce cranks by up to 3”
Standard fits around a 31.2 crank
Wide fits around a 39.5
Extra Wide fits 45.5

US Patent # 5743,546
Available for Tandems East Original Standard and Wide crank shortners a 1″ pedal bolt for $30 per pair. These are good for exercycles with steel cranks.

Shimano SPD Model 520 Pedals

$60 per pair
Black only

Ride 2 Tandem Triple Cranks

New for 2023.
130 bolt pattern chain rings 52 – 39 – 30.
Includes timing rings.
170×165 cost $595.
Also available in 110 five bolt 50 – 34. Double included bottom brackets for both as shown 110 Ride 2 $595
Arm lengths 170 – 165
Includes brackets

FSA SL-K Carbon Light

Call for Availability
includes bottom brackets
regular or BB-30
All sizes in stock now.

da Vinci Cranks

$750 Complete
Lengths Available: 150mm – 180mm
Adult size Tandem Cranks
with triple and timing chain rings
Square Taper only
No bbs included

How do you know if your child needs crank shortners or a Ride2 child kiddie crank conversion?

1) Rule of thumb – if the child is 7 years old they can generally use crank shortners. An easy method for testing this – lower the seat in the stoker position to the lowest point, then have your child sit on the saddle with the crank in the down position. If their foot reaches at least 1/2 of the crank arm in the down position they can use crank shortners. They can enjoy Ride2 or Tandems East crank shortners until age 11 or 12.

2) Ride2 Kiddie Crank conversion is generally used from age 3½ to 7 years. When ordering it is important to know what type of crank you presently have on your tandem, the bolt pattern of the chainring (110mm or 130mm are most common). Also you need to know your seat tube size. Ride2 kiddie crank conversion can do 3 sizes; 1⅛”, 1¼” and 1⅜”, all hardware is provided and it takes standard metric Allen wrenches to install. Installation is usually a 45 minute job. If the child is just 3½ they will need a longer stoker boom, which generally run about $95. An inexpensive way to avoid the longer stoker extension purchase is to flip over the handlebars. Ride2 Kiddie Cranks come standard with 2 crank lengths, standard 110mm (for the very young rider) or 135mm for older children.

How to order the proper Crank Shortner

Check the width of your crank by measuring down about 3″ with your digital caliper (click here for purchase info) or use the poor man’s caliper (see info here). The photo below shows a crank 37.6mm wide, this crank will work with either the Tandems East Original Wide Crank Shortner or the Ride 2 Wide Crank Shortner.

Children's Steel Toe Clips & Pedals

$45 per pair

FSA Gossamer MegaExo

Carbon crank set

Stripped your crank threads out?

Don’t throw them away!
We repair cranks!
Pedal Hole
ONLY $50 each arm

Ride 2 Kiddie Crank

with 2 arm lengths 110mm and 135mm
Includes chainring & hardware

Ride 2 Wide Redesigned (Two) Crank Shortener


Child Crank Shorteners

Ride 2 unique cam system – very soon black only
Available in Standard, Wide or Extra Wide Width
Standard or Wide Width $135
Ride 2 Crank Shortners are designed for use by children under 85 lbs. If you need crank shortners for an adult, your best choice would be Tandems East Origin

Ride 2 Wide Crank Shortner

Ride 2 uses an eccentric cam system to take up slop. Will fit cranks up to 37.5mm or a hair wider. Easy to install with a 5mm Allen wrench and a 10mm open end or socket wrench, these are used to tighten eccentrics. A small bottle of LocTite is provided for the 5mm stainless steel socket bolt (must be applied by installer).

This item is generally used by children 7 to 11 years old.

In the photos above, the Ride 2 Wide Crank Shortner is installed.
Notice how cams press up against crank arm to eliminate slop. 

Crank Sets

* Custom length cranks available, call for prices.


Kid Back Conversions

Child conversions are good for children from 3½ to 7 years old, after that try crank shortners.
*Complete conversions include bottom bracket shell with clamp, BB plus sizing shim, axle, crank set, 110 – 135mm arms, 36 tooth chain ring, long crank bolts, spacer washers and chain.
Not sure? Call us. We are happy to advise, we have done many. Two Big Questions: ”Are your cranks 110×74 or 130×74″? The second question is “What size is your seat tube?” 1⅛”, 1¼”, 1⅜”?