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Seats & Posts

Seats & Posts

Mel's Tech Tip - How to Measure Your Seat Post

Remove your seat post from the frame then take a rag and clean off all dirt and crud so you can read the numbers. Check size using caliper tool. If you don’t have a caliper tool, you can always use a “poor man’s” caliper by taking an adjustable wrench and use it like a vernier caliper. Once the wrench is open to the correct size, measure the opening with a metric ruler.

When you are ready to reinsert seat post make sure you grease the post and the seat tube. This does not apply to carbon.

After you ride in the rain, make sure you pull both your seat posts out and check for water down the seat tube. Turn the bike upside down and watch for any water coming out, if you see any, dry out your seat tube so it does not damage any other parts.

Child's Seat


Dual Stepped Seat Post Clamp

Limited Qty

Child Crank Bottom Bracket

Seat Clamp Only

Cane Creek Thudbuster Rebuild Kit

5with Tool $65 no Tool $45
Rebuild kit is needed when you experience side to side play

Kinekt Body Float Carbon Fiber


Tandems East Pave Saddle


Selle SMP


Planet Bike Classic Comfort


Aluminum Replaceable Seat Post Clamps

$13 each
Size 31.8mm with 5mm allen key
Great replacement part for Cannondale, Co-Motion, Hokitika & some Burleys etc.


Aluminum $200
Carbon $300

Available in 27.2mm or 31.6mm

Cirrus Bodyfloat

Good for Stout Riders
Available in 27.2mm or 31.6mm

Terry Liberator Gel

Men’s or Women’s

Terry Fly Ti Rails


Selle Anatomica

Black, Waterproof
Call for Availability

Inline Rack Bosses

on Seat Binder, 3 sizes
31.8 Co-Motion Clamp
32.6 Calfee Clamp
34.9 Land Shark Clamp
Great on Calfee or Land Shark
Our own design

Cane Creek Thudbuster ST Shock Post

Available in 25.4, 27.2 or 31.6

Prolongo Saddle

Available in black or water

Kinekt Body Float Aluminum


Seat Posts

Head Tube Reducers
We stock shims to reduce from 1¼” to 1⅛” and 1″, also 1⅛” to 1″.
Aluminum • Cost: $25 each.


Shock Absorber Seat Posts

Most Shock Absorber seat posts require a shim. If you pull out your present seat post, it should be stamped on side near the bottom.
You will need at least a 4½” inch seatpost showing.

All Elastomer shockposts should be lubed with either White Lightning or Pedro’s Ice where the shaft enters the post to ensure best results.