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Stoker Comfort

Stoker Comfort

Selle Anatomica

Black, Waterproof
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Terry Butterfly Ti Rails


Tandems East Double Bottle Holder

Holder with hardware

Bar Map (Small)


Stoker Bag 1

Bag dimensions
12″ L x 7″ H (4.5″ H) 3″ W
Works well with small
Cannondale Delta Frames

Ride 2 Oversize Stoker Bar

49.5 cm wide (outside to outside)
47.5cm (center to center)
31.8 Bar Clamp
Gets around a wider Captain

Control Tech Silver (Old School)

Adjustable Stoker Stem (in stock)
Shim Sizes Available:
26.0, 26.2, 26.4, 26.6, 26.8,
27.0, 27.2, 28.6, 29.8 all to 31.6
$15 each

Taller Stoker / Shorter Captain

Custom Co-Motion Speedster
Works with visually impaired couple also.

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How do you know if your child needs crank shortners or a Ride2 child kiddie crank conversion?

1) Rule of thumb – if the child is 7 years old they can generally use crank shortners. An easy method for testing this – lower the seat in the stoker position to the lowest point, then have your child sit on the saddle with the crank in the down position. If their foot reaches at least 1/2 of the crank arm in the down position they can use crank shortners. They can enjoy Ride2 or Tandems East crank shortners until age 11 or 12.

2) Ride2 Kiddie Crank conversion is generally used from age 3½ to 7 years. When ordering it is important to know what type of crank you presently have on your tandem, the bolt pattern of the chainring (110mm or 130mm are most common). Also you need to know your seat tube size. Ride2 kiddie crank conversion can do 3 sizes; 1⅛”, 1¼” and 1⅜”, all hardware is provided and it takes standard metric Allen wrenches to install. Installation is usually a 45 minute job. If the child is just 3½ they will need a longer stoker boom, which generally run about $90. An inexpensive way to avoid the longer stoker extension purchase is to flip over the handlebars. Ride2 Kiddie Cranks come standard with 2 crank lengths, standard 110mm (for the very young rider) or 135mm for older children.

Child's Seat


Terry Fly Ti Rails


Bar Map Large


Stoker Bag 2

Bag dimensions
13″ L x 7″ H x 3″ W
Fits under top tube
attaches to captain seat post

Profile Stoker Bar #26

Stoker bars $60
Generic version available $55
Oversize stoker bar clamp 31.8 $60

Hi Rise Stoker Stem Insert

27.2 x 28.6, 28.6 x 29.6, 28.6 x 33.8
Black Only

Topeak MTX

Bag only $100
Rack Bag with slide-in system – Black

Ride 2 Kiddie Crank

with 2 arm lengths 110mm and 135mm
Includes chainring & hardware

Tandems East Pave Saddle


Terry Liberator Gel

Men’s or Women’s

Mirrycycle Mirror

Road or Mountain

Bar Map OTG

Unfolds to reveal full sheet map 8 1/2″ x 11″

Cane Creek Stoker Pegs


Ride 2 Stoker Bar Flat Surface

47cm (center to center)
31.8 Bar Clamp

Cane Creek Thudbuster ST Shock Post

Available in 25.4, 27.2 or 31.6

The ORIGINAL Crank Shortners from Tandems East

Created by Mel in 1984

Adjustable aluminum crank shortener with English 9/16x 20 threading. Also available in 1/2″ for older steel cranks $140 per pair. ($155 for Extra Wide) 2 min. installed. 4 positions redesigned with rounded corners. Fits all cranks. We have produced these for 30 years. Does not mar cranks. Available in standard and wide sizes for $140 and extra wide versions at $155. Shortens the crank length by 24mm, 41mm, 59mm & 76mm. Reduce cranks by up to 3”
Standard fits around a 31.2 crank
Wide fits around a 39.5
Extra Wide fits 45.5

US Patent # 5743,546
Available for Tandems East Original Standard and Wide crank shortners a 1″ pedal bolt for $30 per pair. These are good for exercycles with steel cranks.

Kid Back Conversions